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At AnimalFisio, we specialise in the treatment of muscular, skeletal and neurological injuries to animals throughout the Waikato.

We work in association with veterinary surgeons to provide an assessment and appropriate treatment plan for your animal, whether they’re a family pet, sport animal or working dog.


We offer therapy for your animal to improve their way of life. The most common areas of treatment are performance enhancement, treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, post-operative rehabilitation and enhancement of quality of life for animals with degenerative conditions.


We can help with the rehabilitation of your animal and have experience with a number of conditions. We use a wide range of treatments and techniques depending on the needs of your animal. Your animal will be assessed and an individualised treatment plan will be created to suit.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy

We offer Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy treatments for your horse to support performance and aid rehabilitation. Top-of-the-line Activo-Med pro products are used to provide effective PEMF and cyclonic massage treatments from the poll to the tail.

Call us on 027 392 1232 or book an assessment to find out how your animal can benefit from physiotherapy.

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Experienced physiotherapist

Over six years’ experience both in New Zealand and UK treating a wide range of animals.

Fully qualified

  • Trained in the United Kingdom
  • Masters from the Royal Veterinary College in London
  • Member of the New Zealand Animal and Veterinary Physiotherapy Association
  • Member of the New Zealand Society of Physiotherapy
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With so much on the line, I'm always stressing about the well-being of my horses. Since I've come across AnimalFisio I have far better peace of mind. They really know what they're doing, so I can rest assured that my horses are in good hands.

Jason Hughes

Racehorse Owner

I love my dog like he's my own son. As an over-protective parent, I need to be sure that he is being looked after correctly! AnimalFisio are awesome at finding out what's wrong with him and sorting it out effectively. I would definitely recommend them.

Amy Adamson

Proud Puppy Parent

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